LUXE Orange County Issue 8 : Page 76

ON THE SPOT LAMPS LIGHTEN UP COMPANY Alla Kazovsky Architects RETAIL from $850 per lamp INFO + + SOLID STEEL Architect Alla Kazovsky used perforated steel to create a visually compelling, multi-dimensional design brimming with dichotomy. “I’ve always been fascinated by the gauzy quality of something that’s so solid,” Kazovsky says, commenting on the material’s artful ambiguity. “Perforated metal is very ordered but also quite ornamental. Like lace, it’s strong and delicate at the same time.” CIRCLE BACK Each lamp stays true to its collection name, Perforations, with a repetition of circular openings that soften the design’s rigid appeal. A solid yet airy composition takes shape, meshing strength and transparency into one cohe- sive statement. + SEARCH LIGHT Wood accents subtly ground Kazovsky’s cutting-edge On the Spot lamps, whose perforated steel configurations offer a beautifully balanced flair that is at once understated and striking. An LED set within the base creates a shimmery effect that radiates upward, illuminat- ing the originality of the designer and her eye-catching vision. 076 LUXE INTERIORS + DESIGN PHOTOGRAPH BY JOSH PERRIN

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