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Olathe Parks and Recreation Summer 2014 : Page 68

SILVER TREE POP ART 11248 STRANG LINE RD, LENEXA, KS 66215 WWW.SILVERTREEVISUALARTS.COM **Camp Fee includes all supplies and a camp shirt** PRE-K ART CAMPS Ages 4-5 Resident-$84; Non-resident $93 9:00-10:30am Min 6 Max 20 COLOR, COLORS, EVERYWHERE This camp is full of color!! We will be creating projects where color is the main element. We will start by learning about some of the Master Artists who loved color and create some bright, bold, beautiful pieces while on our journey. In this camp the kids will study some of the original Pop Artist (Andy Warhol & Roy Lichtenstein). They will be creating large sculptures, large paintings and very dynamic collages in this camp In the sculpture camp, Kids will build with multiple means of sculpting materials like plaster, paper mache and clay. This camp for kids that like to build and create structures with dimension. 9:00-11:30AM 25084 ....... 25085 ........ 25086 ........ 25087 ........ 25088 ........ 25089 ........ 25090 ........ 25091 ........ 25092 ........ 25093 ........ 25094 ........ 25095 ........ 25096 ........ 25097 ........ 25098 ........ 25099 ........ STORYBOOK Alright kiddos -lets all get into the reading’s Storybook Time!!! However, the great thing about storybook camp is after reading a fun and interesting story, the students will create a piece of art inspired by the book they just read. (FYI -for those of you had your child in this camp last, Great News!!!...all the stories are going to be different, meaning all the wonderful artwork will be different too.) 1:00-3:30PM June 9-13: Pop Art June 16-20: Mine craft June 23-27: Mythical Creatures June 30-July 3: Sculpture July 7-11: Pop Art July 14-18: Mine Craft July 21-25: Mythical Creatures July 28-Aug 1: Sculpture June 9-13: Mythical Creatures June 16-20: Sculpture June 23-27: Pop Art June 30-July 3: Mine Craft July 7-11: Mythical Creatures July 14-18: Sculpture July 21-25: Pop Art July 28-Aug 1: Mine Craft DR.SEUSS Camps We will dive into everything Dr books, laugh at his whit and create, create, create. We will paint, color, cut, glue, build and who knows where this camp will take us. 25076 ....... 25077 ........ 25078 ....... 25079 ........ 25080 ....... 25081 ........ 25082 ........ 25083 ........ June 9-13: Storybook Camp June 16-20: Colors, Colors, Everywhere June 23-27: Dr. Seuss Art June 30-July 3rd: Storybook July 7-11: Colors. Colors, Everywhere July 14-18: Dr. Seuss Art July 21-25: Storybook July 28-Aug 1: Colors, Colors, Everywhere ART CAMPS Ages 10+ Resident $114; Non-resident $159 Min 6 Max 20 SUMMER DRAWING CLASSES SCHOOL-AGE ART CAMPS Ages 6-12 Resident-$114; Non-resident $126 Min 6 Max 20 MINE CRAFT Squares, Pixel shapes and blocks, that’s right...Minecraft time. We will make some Minecraft tools (Pickaxe, swords, etc). We will sculpt a Minecraft character and finally we will build over sized blocks of the students’ choice. In the drawing camp the students will focus on making bold, high contrast pictures using a few techniques and tricks to create more dynamic pieces. We will work on different size papers, some small and some very large. The students will be using both black and white along with projects done in full color. (Each student will receive a sketch book, drawing pencils and erasers) POTTERY Students will begin with a hand building project that will be worked on all week. During the camp students will learn how to begin throwing on the wheel starting with centering and a basic bowl form. Students will also see their pieces to completion by glazing and firing them in the kiln. 9:30-11:00 MYTHICAL CREATURES 25100 ........ 25101 ........ 25102 ........ 25103 ........ In this camp the kiddos will create their own mythical Creatures out different materials. They will make mythical dragons out of clay, paint their own creature creations. And lastly, they will sculpt the creature they just painted, making it a 3D design. 1:30-3:00 June 9-13: Pottery June 30-July 3: Drawing July 7-11: Pottery July 28-Aug 1: Drawing June 16-20: Drawing June 23-27: Pottery July 14-18: Drawing July 21-25: Pottery 25104 ........ 25105 ........ 25106 ........ 25109 ........ 68

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