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The journey to become an artist, actor, vocalist, backstage crew, musician, or technician takes many attributes. Talent, dedication, commitment, energy, time and strength of character are just a few. All of our students who achieve success work long hours and are dedicated to the growth of their talents. Most discover physical, mental, and emotional reserves they never knew they possessed. TRILOGY CAMPS TRILOGY’S SUMMER STOCK FEATURING: ANNIE JR.! AGES: 8-18 SIXTEEN-6 HOUR SESSIONS PLUS SHOW DATES $600 Be a part of Trilogy’s newest artist training program, Trilogy Summer Stock! Summer Stock is an intensive summer program for dancers, singers, actors, artists and technicians to develop skills for a future in the arts. Our summer program will culminate in a full musical theater production with the same excellence Trilogy is known for during the year. This year Trilogy is pleased to produce Annie Jr.! All summer stock students will enjoy being a part of this exciting musical performed in Olathe by Trilogy Summer Stock! Show dates are June 27 & 28, 2014. DEADLINE: June 1 MIN: 4 MAX: 20 LOCATION: INDIAN CREEK COMMUNITY CHURCH ROOM 207-12480 SOUTH BLACK BOB ROAD 25369. .......... 9:00-3:00pm ..... 6/2 ...... Mon-Thur CAMP TINK FAIRY PRINCESS DANCE CAMP JUNE 2-6, 2014 AGES: 3-5: HALF-DAYS: / 6-14: FULL-DAYS $125 (HALF-DAY)/$175 (FULL-DAY) Tinkerbell and her fairy friends are being trained in the fine art of “Fairy Dancing”. All week long our “fairies in training” will be taught movement & rhythm dances. They will earn their wings and learn the fine art of “fairy dancing”. What is “fairy dancing”? You have to come to their “Fairy Fun Friday” performance to find out. This camp will leave our campers dancing on air, and you believing in fairies. LOCATION: INDIAN CREEK COMMUNITY CHURCH 12480 SOUTH BLACK BOB ROAD Ages 3-5 $125 25372 ...........9:00-12:00pm . June 2-6 . . . . Mon-Fri Ages 6-14 $175 25373 ...........9:00-3:00pm . . June 2-6 . . . . Mon-Fri JEDI STUNT TRAINING THAT’S OUT OF THIS WORLD STUNTS & COMBAT CAMP AGES: 3-5: HALF-DAYS: / 6-14: FULL-DAYS FIVE-3 HOUR OR 6 HOUR SESSIONS (PLUS PERFORMANCES) $130 (HALF-DAY)/$180 (FULL-DAY) DEFYING GRAVITY, A WICKEDLY FUN MUSICAL REVUE CAMP JUNE 16-20, 2014 AGES: 3-5: HALF-DAYS: / 6-14: FULL-DAYS $125 (HALF-DAY)/$175 (FULL-DAY) Camps Enter our camp that takes place in a Galaxy Far Far Away! Learn the moves and disciplines of the young stunts trainee. Each trainee will create their own light saber and learn the art of choreographed saber fencing. Hand to hand combat, stunts and some martial arts moves will round off their experience. Family and friends are invited to see their young academy trainee perform what they’ve learned at the camp showcase on the last day of camp. Be prepared to be amazed! Good vs Evil on an epic scale! We will take you to galaxies far far away, and have you home in time for dinner with your personal light saber! LOCATION: INDIAN CREEK COMMUNITY CHURCH 12480 SOUTH BLACK BOB ROAD Ages 3-5 $130 25370 ...........9:00-12:00pm . June 2-6 . . . . Mon-Fri Ages 6-14 $180 25371 ...........9:00-3:00pm . . June 2-6 . . . . Mon-Fri Your friends will be “green with envy” when they hear that you are signed up to be a part of this musical revue camp! You will be learning the songs from the amazing hit musical WICKED! This musical revue camp will have you “Dancing Through Life”, show you how to be “Popular” , you will learn the fine art of “Defying Gravity”as well as several other “Wonderful” songs. You don’t have to be a wizard or have a magic crystal ball to see that this musical revue camp is going to be a wickedly fun tim3 LOCATION: INDIAN CREEK COMMUNITY CHURCH 12480 SOUTH BLACK BOB ROAD Ages 3-5 $125 25374 ...........9:00-12:00pm . June 16-20. . . . Mon-Fri Ages 6-14 $175 25375 ...........9:00-3:00pm . . June 16-20 . . . . Mon-Fri #OlatheActive 913-971-8563 30

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