Haute Living Magazine Miami August / September 2013 : Page 152

haute partners Dr Jhonny Salomon makeS Beauty through art BEholdEr by EyE of thE Hadley Henriette D r. Salomon can control every aspect of a patient’s experience at his airy South miami med spa where patients come from far and wide to visit this renown facial plastic surgeon. this level of attention to detail starts the moment a prospective patient walks through the door through recovery and beyond. this is why the surgeon incorporates lymphatic massage after every procedure, not just following body-conscious procedures like liposuction and breast augmentation. While he does many operations of this variety, the majority of his patients come to him for his famous face work. “that makes up 70% of my business,” he explains. While the doctor brings his sense of proportion and art to all of his work, nowhere is the need for perfection more dire than the face. “I can visualize results. “I see the final product right away in my mind,” he says confidently. an avid art collector and photographer, Dr. Salomon sees the connection between cosmetic surgery and art. “the more you train your eye for beauty, the better you become as a plastic surgeon,” he says. His collection includes a vast array of everything from pop to contemporary 152

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