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Olathe Parks and Recreation Fall 2013 Guide : Page 18

THE ZONE PRODUCTIONS WWW.YOUTHTECH.COM WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT ADULT • TWO 2 HOUR CLASSES $95 MIDWEST NUTRITION HTTP://MIDWESTWELLNESSCLUB.COM/ WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE (NUTRITION-BASED BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST) Learn Website basics while building and publishing a live site with Adobe Dreamweaver. Connect, update, and share photos with friends and family through your own Website. Receive a domain name ( and hosting (up to 75 MB) for one year. Deadline: 1 week prior to start date. Min: 1 Max: 10 Location: Blue Valley Middle School 23928 ...........6:00 pm ......... 9/23.......... Mon Ages 16 & up $34/Olathe resident $29 This 11 week program provides: EBAY SELLING ADULT • ONE 2 HOUR CLASS $35 Learn tips and tricks for using Ebay’s selling functions. Find out how to sell items for extra income, and receive free tools to maximize profits. Deadline: 1 week prior to start date. Min: 1 Max: 10 Location: Blue Valley Recreation Center 23929 ...........6:00 pm ......... 10/21......... Mon ICAN APPLE WORKSHOP ADULT • ONE 2 HOUR CLASS $30 So you bought the latest iPhone, iPad or “I” device now you want to know how to use it and get the most out of it… This interactive class will help unlock the power of Apple devices and get the most out of using them. In this class we will show you cool free apps that will make your time on them more efficient and more fun. Students are encour-aged to bring their “I” device and their questions. Deadline: 1 week prior to start date. Min: 1 Max: 10 Location: Blue Valley Recreation Center 23930 ...........6:00 pm ......... 10/28......... Mon MICROSOFT POWERPOINT ADULT • ONE 2 HOUR CLASS $30 •Metabolism and Body Composition test •Meal Replacement Options •Group Support •Proper Nutrition Coaching •Great information that will help you lose weight and keep it off! The WLC is a 11-week program in which the group meets weekly for an hour to learn about proper nutrition, improving eating habits and customizing your calorie and protein intakes to match your body’s exact composition. This new information will help you lose weight and keep it off. The goal is to have participants living healthy with vitality and energy for the rest of their lives. Because of all of the helpful information, personal coaching and friendly competition, attendance at the weekly meetings is a KEY factor in ensuring success. Each week participants will weigh in and consult with the coaches who help along the way offering various meal replacement options to help the participants reach the ideal body weight and composition. The program encourages participants to eat a healthy level of protein and calories each day and teaches the benefits of good nutrition. Topics include protein, carbohydrates, water, digestion, vitamins, dining out, exercise, sugar, healthy oils and much more. Each person will receive personalized coaching and a free, private, non-intrusive body scan and wellness evaluation. Prize money will be paid out after week 11. Specific rules will be in place to keep everyone consistent. Previous contests have ended with weight losses of over 52 lbs and over 41 inches! Winnings have ranged from $450 to $3700 and are dependent upon the number of participants. There are 4 winners per challenge. For more information call Midwest Nutrition at (913) 608-5192. LOCATION: Midwest Nutrition 11964 W. 119th St. 24072 ........... 6:15 PM.......... 9/30.......... Mon 24073 ...........6:15 PM ......... 10/02......... Wed 24074 ...........10:00 AM......... 10/05......... Sat Enrichment -Adult Make an impression on your next presentation with sound, video, animation, and more. Learn how to create unforget-table slides. Deadline: 1 week prior to start date. Min: 1 Max: 10 Location: Blue Valley Recreation 23931 ...........6:00 pm ......... 11/4.......... Mon Fees, times and locations are subject to change. Facilities may become unavailable or printing errors may have occurred. 18 913-971-8563

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