M Milwaukees Lifestyle Magazine July 2013 : Page 92

Closed Doors = New Opportunities A discharged employee looks for a team of legal experts who know everything about employment law. The attorneys of Alan Olson & Associates deal with employment law issues every day—against some of the world’s largest companies. Our attorneys embrace challenges and build our practice one client at a time. A winning legal strategy is not writing letters or making threats. A winning strategy is planning, from the very first day the employment lawyer takes a case, to their closing argument to the jury with a focus on the outcome—recovering 100% of the claim’s value for the client. Employment lawyers need to talk to the client about their case in terms that make sense and to convince management to change their beliefs and behavior using principles of fairness and legal insight. Alan Olson & Associates has litigated their cases before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, resulting in expansion of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing for employees, as well as increased protection for employees in retaliatory discharge cases. Undaunted by huge insurance companies, Alan Olson & Associates repeatedly sues them in federal courts to recover long-term disability benefits for their disabled clients. The firm also sues big corporations when they defraud the government and retaliate against the employee who blew the whistle. The lawyers of Alan Olson & Associates know employment law. They pride themselves on being better, being different. They’re people first and attorneys second. They work hard. They love what they do and measure their success by the success of each client. 2880 S. Moorland Road New Berlin, WI 53151 AOlson@Employee-Advocates.com 262.785.9606 Employee-Advocates.com

Alan C. Olson & Associates

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