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WEBER WATCH w s u n e w s & e v en t s SURVEY SAID… Are gift cards the equivalent of cash in the minds of both givers and receivers? That’s something Weber State mar-keting professors E.K. Valentin and Anthony Allred ’84 hoped to find out in a joint study. The duo surveyed 317 Utahns and found that gift cards for household neces-sities, like groceries and gas, have no more charm than cold hard cash. The survey also revealed that most re-spondents would rather receive a gift card to Target than either cash or a gift card to Walmart. Veterans Awards Ceremony, November 2012 COMBAT CARE For the next five years, Utah veterans will continue to receive free assistance in preparing for postsecondary education. A $1.6 million grant extends funding for Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) at Weber State. “It means a brighter future for many veterans, some of who are fresh out of combat and need extra support and confidence to achieve their educational goals,” says program director Randy Wilson. ROCK HOUNDS Looking to give children hands-on opportunities to explore science, WSU geosciences honor students spent the summer collecting rocks. Wielding hammers, chisels and picks, members of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, a national earth sciences honor society, collected enough samples to create rock boxes for 100 fourth-grade classrooms in the Weber School District. Each box contains 11 pieces of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock. wsu magazine | FALL 2012 8

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