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Written by POrtrAitS by Louise FArr JiLLY WeNDeLL Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering document military rape in The Invisble War . In October 2010, writer-director Kirby Dick and his producer Amy Ziering journeyed throughout the United States to make a doc-umentary about sexual assaults in the U.S. military—an estimated 19,000 a year, with less than 14 percent reported to supervisors. The shocking statistics are not from an anti-Army, agenda-driven organization. They come from the Department of Defense. Rape survivors suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, often with crippling symptoms that include agoraphobia, nightmares, flash-backs, and an inability to discuss their attacks, sometimes even with close family members. The filmmakers’ first challenge was to locate women and men willing to talk about their assaults. Ini-tial phone calls identified 25 possible subjects. 38 • WG A W Writte N BY NO VEMBER | DECEMBER 20 12

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