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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N004

SET BUILDING U.S. Sets An Unequaled Opportunity When we introduced our set building program it revolutionized the industry — for the first time there was a planned way to expand tool sets as work and responsibilities evolved and grew. It is designed to provide the most used tools in the most likely progression. And as metric tools became the standard in the industry, we began offering a greatly expanded metric selection with a master set that tops anything else available. Ask your Snap-on ® Industrial Account Manager for more information on how you can build exactly the right tool set for your specific needs. 9100GSBO How the Program Works U.S. Apprentice Set 9100GSBO Complete Apprentice Set. • Includes 9100GSO and KRA2055FPBO top chest 9100GSO Apprentice Set. • More than 100 pieces for a well-balanced selection • Does not include tool storage 9100GSM Metric Plus Apprentice Set. • 9100GS set plus AWM110DK metric hex wrench Set (11 pcs), 212FMY Metric 12-point socket Set (12 pcs) and OEXM710B metric 12-point combination wrench set (10 pcs) • Does not include tool storage If you’re building a set from the ground up, start with our 9100GSBO Apprentice Set. It includes a balanced selection of 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" square drive tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, punches and chisels — a basic set for routine maintenance. We’ve also put increased emphasis on getting you all the metric tools you need, as they are increasingly becoming the standard in many industries. When your needs grow, the second tool group provides more than 100 additional standard and specialty tools for more advanced work. Each new tool group offers recommendations on the appropriate storage chests and cabinets to help you stay organized and productive. Through this method of steady, planned expansion, you can continue building your tool set until you’ve achieved the ultimate selection of matched hand tools and storage units. 9200GSB Complete U.S. Set 2. • Includes 9100GSO, 9000GS2 plus KRA4059FPBO top chest 9200AGSO U.S. Set 2. • More than 200 pcs: includes all tools in 9100GSO and 9000GS2 • Does not include tool storage 9000GS2 Add-on Group 2. • More than 100 pcs in the add-on to 9100GSO apprentice set • Does not include tool storage U.S. Set 2 9200GSB Warning: In the set illustrations on this page and following pages, storage unit drawers are shown open for display purposes only. In use, storage unit could tip and cause injury or damage if a number of loaded drawers are extended. U.S. and metric set cabinetry and contents are subject to change and may not be exactly as illustrated. U.S. set listings are shown on pages N008 and N009. Metric sets are shown on pages N012 and N013. Metric listings are shown on pages N012 and N013. N004

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