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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N046

tool control systems Level 5™ TCMax ® L5CTLP3844Z L5CPWRSCN L5CTSP743U L5CHHP4620 Label & Receipt Printers cents per label to the end user. It makes a plastic label that sticks well and is easy to read. Switching label material size is easy. We include 5 rolls of industrial grade white 3/8" tape; will give the user about 500 labels. Use this printer to print individual replacement labels or labels in small quantities. Appearance may vary. To print 1/2" wide labels, order L5CLBLPRT12 printer. Includes 5 rolls of 1/2" industrial grade label tape. L5CTZS221 3/8" Label Tape Roll L5CTZS231 1/2" Label Tape Roll L5CTLP3844Z Prints on tamper proof label material that is very difficult to pick off anything. With other labels, once the label starts to peel off, the rest of the label soon follows. This label will only chip and will not peel off. Label costs are rather low, 4 cents per label, and the 3/8" x 1 1/2" label is utilized by pocket badges. L5CZDESTR Replacement Tape for L5TCP3844Z. L5CWP0517 Polyester label material for your laser printer, 1/2" x 1 3/4", 80 labels per sheet, 50 sheets/pack. L5CTSP743U Thermal receipt printer with USB interface, 208 dpi. Barcodes on the receipts expedite the turn-in process at a busy tool crib and can be used on the job to show what tools you should have at this time. L5CWP3R8 Polyester label material 8 1/2" x 11", 135 labels per sheet, 10 sheets/pack. L5CLBLPRT38 Easy to install and set up. Label cost is about 25 Barcode Scanners L5CPWRSCN is a wireless barcode scanner, with a keypad on the top and is our most popular scanner. It does NOT do 2-D PDF417 or DataMatrix barcodes, but it is great for all 1-D applications. Keypad on the top allows you to easily enter quantities of items without having to return to the computer keyboard. L5CLS2208 has a six foot USB cable that plugs into the PC or laptop. Works best when all items to be scanned are within 5 feet of the PC. L5CHHP4620 is a wireless 2-D scanner that can read all linear barcodes plus 2-D barcodes like PDF417 and DataMatrix, but NOT on laser engraved chrome plated tools. Great for 2-D labels but does not have a keypad. Also available is the L5C4600SF which has a 6 foot USB cable (not wireless). L5CHHP46LEN can read a DataMatrix laser engraved barcode on a chrome plated tool! This special modification is available on this scanner with a 6 foot USB cord and on the Pocket PC. Requires that tools be laser engraved with a DataMatrix barcode, with our specifications. Signature Pad L5CSIGPAD Required to support electronic capture of signature, provide proof of delivery and return by a specified individual. Level 5 Box Adaptor L5CADA RS232 adaptor box, cable and USB to RS232 adaptor to connect Level 5 Tool Box to a PC and TCMax for Level 5 ™ Gen 3 boxes only. L5CSIGPAD N046

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