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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N038

TOOL MANAGEMENT AND SAFETY Simple, scalable tool control starts with centralized access control. Tool control systems control tool shrinkage and replacement cost. They also help reduce lost-tool downtime. In critical industries and applications such as aviation and nuclear power, tool control is an essential step toward eliminating FOD (Foreign Object Damage in aviation) and implementing FME (Foreign Material Exclusion in the power industry). Unlocked and open access tool boxes can result in FOD/FME problems. Snap-on puts you in control with three choices. Our Level 5™ NTC system (N042-N043) allows you to specify access to boxes, audit when they are used, and manage it all over a network. Our Level 5™ ATC system provides the simplest and most user-friendly solution for detecting tools issued from and returned to a tool box, providing a critical enhancement to your FOD/FME program. Using advanced digital imaging technology and proprietary software, the tool box automatically keeps track of its inventory by user, and records which tools are removed and replaced, and when. Level 5™ ATC Advanced technology that makes tracking tools simple. Level 5™ ATC is a true tool control system. Based on the tool list that you supply, each drawer in the tool box is organized and each tool assigned to a unique space in the foam drawer liner. That information is then programmed into the scanning hardware fi tted to the top of the box. As each drawer is opened and closed it is scanned digitally, and the image is instantly compared with the baseline stored image of that drawer. Any tool that has been removed or returned is identifi ed and the computer makes an audible announcement: a tool has been removed or replaced. Additionally, the computer tracks each tool removed and replaced by its part number and by user, and creates an audit trail in database format. Both the digital images and the data entries are stored for review in an audit trail of the last 15,000 transactions. Not only do you get detailed information, but you have access to the actual pictures of the drawer contents for verifi cation. Level 5™ ATC Features • No individual tool scanning required • No RFID tags to install or replace • No limitations on tool size—if it fi ts in the drawer, it works • Intuitive interface—easy-to-use touchscreen • Audible voice confi rmation of tool removal and replacement • Automatic locking • Errors announced and displayed for incorrect tool position or drawer not closed The Snap-on Level 5™ ATC system is delivered with your predetermined set of tools already installed in one of two basic platforms, the KRL1056 36" framework, or the KRL1021 54" framework. Each is offered in eleven color choices, three different drawer confi guration options, with and without casters, and in 110V or 230V European power options. To order, work with your Snap-on Industrial Account Manager or Customer Service Center to determine: • Tool Set Contents • 36" or 54" platform • Color choice • Drawer confi guration • Casters/no casters • Voltage 110V/230V • Standard or extended warranty • Administrative software, with or without remote HID scanner Technical Support is just a phone call away! (800) 272-2033 Plug and Play vs. Some Assembly Required Some solutions to FOD and FME problem involve attaching RFID tags, sensors or bar codes to the tools to track them. Additional operations and attachments can create signifi cant additional cost and limitations by: • Interfering with the normal use of the tool • Using up additional real estate in the drawers • Having limited usability on small tools like sockets • Dislodging and becoming a new source of FOD N038

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