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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N022

AVIATION TOOL SETS Military Aviation Tool Sets Over 30 years of experience and tens of thousands of kits – all custom tailored to suit your needs. Snap-on continues to set the bar for maximum productivity and flight safety. No one offers you more. More selection. More sets. More experts to assist you. More understanding of your needs. Whether you need one kit or one thousand kits, Snap-on can provide the kit you need for any application. Army Kits: Power Plant Technical Inspection General Mechanical Sheet Metal Electrical Hydraulic Powertrain Small Arms USAF Kits: APG CTK APG Launch CTK Custom TDY CTK Engine CTK E7E CTK C130 Mobility Army Aviation Kits: AH6, AH7 Crew Chief Airframe Blackhawk Phase Chinook Crew Chief Crew Chief Electronics Engine Shop Hydraulics Shop Prop and Rotor Marine Kits: Marine Common 1 Navy Kits: LM2500 Contents Contact your Snap-on Industrial sales representative who will be glad to help you select the right tools, tool sets and tool control to meet your specific needs. See page N044 for complete details about the Snap-on All Weather Mobile Tool Chest Acronym TAMS/APG AVIONICS WEAPONS APG TDY KIT ARMAMENT PHASE Dock Box ENGINE BOX DEMO TEAM CANN DOCK BOX JEIM E & E Box POD Box Weapons Line Kit Full Nomenclature Technical Aircraft Maintenance Specialists/ Air Power Generation Radar, Instruments, Communications, Navigation, Flight Controls and Electronic Counter Measurers Conventional Munitions and Maintenance Air Plane General Temporary Duty Maintenance Gun, pylon, and launcher Maintenance Chronological Inspection and Maintenance Power Plant, Start Systems and Gear Box Maintenance F-16/F-15/F-22 Demonstration Minor maintenance Launch and Recover Kit Cannibalization Dock Box Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance Electric and Environmental Control Systems Electronic Counter Measurer Weapons Acronym SPEC BOX AGE PMEL TRANS E&E In Shop R&R/ RECOVERY EGRESS Sheet Metal LO BARN Fuel Shop TM PGM Conventional Full Nomenclature Radar, Instruments, Communications, Navigation, Flight Controls and Electronic Counter Measurers Aerospace Ground Equipment Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory Transportation Vehicle maintenance Electric and Environmental Control Systems Repair and Reclamation Ejection Seat Maintenance Structural Repair LOW Observance Coating Maintenance Fuel System maintenance Trailer Maintenance Precision Guidance munitions Conventional Air to Ground munitions N022

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