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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N186

THREAD REPAIR/TORQUE Snap-on ® Torque Wrench Bodies/Adjustable Dual Scale/ +/-4 % Accuracy Stock No. QD2IN50 QD2IN100 QD3IN200 QD3IN350 QD4IN800 Lower Range (ft. lbs.) 8 16 20 59 120 Upper Range (ft. lbs.) 36 72 150 251 600 Lower Range (Nm) 10 20 40 70 150 Upper Range (Nm) 50 100 200 350 800 Increments 0.5 Nm/0.4 0.5 Nm/0.4 2 Nm/1.2 2 Nm/1.2 5 Nm/4.3 • Plug-and-play system of interchangeable heads are consistently sized from pin to the center of the fastener, so no adjustment calculations are needed • Includes certificate of calibration • Minimal friction “Hour Glass” cam retains and releases lubricant where needed to reduce friction • Push buttons for quick release of interchangeable head • All torque wrenches are calibrated per ASME B-107-14 and ISO 6789, Standards for Accuracy, from 20% of full scale to 100% of full scale using NIST traceable equipment • Laser marked scale for easier reading in varying light sources • Positive stop ensures instrument cannot be accidentally disassembled if wound down past scale • Each instrument comes in a molded storage case for long term protection 1/2" Drive 30mm Torque Adaptor, 4" Overall Length Stock No. GSRM430 Description 1/2" Drive 30mm Torque Adaptor NES • • • • • • NES Universal Thread Repair Tools Easy to use, fast and cost saving way for your production & maintenance jobs Every tool can repair all thread types: MM, Inch, Standard, Pipes, Coarse & Fine One tool can repair right and left handed threads The tool is designed to repair large diameter range – one tool replace hundreds of dies or taps Special tool for Keyway slots available for threads up to 6” Highest Quality standards for all Tools No need to know your defect thread size or pitch – the tool will find it automatically • Floating cutters are self-adjusting to any pitch and size within range, no need for calibration or identifying fastener thread type AAENES2 AAENES06040 External Tools Stock No. AAENES1A AAENES2 AAENES3 AAENES06040 AAENES3KEYWAY Description 5/32" -11/16" 11/16" -1-1/2" 1-3/8" -6" 5/32" -1/2" Keyway Skip Acc Tool for NES3 Spare Blade AAENESRK1 AAENESRK2 AAENESRK3 AAENES06046 AAENES26 AAENES21 Internal Tools Stock No. AAENES21 AAENES22 AAENES23 AAENES24 AAENES25 AAENES26 AAENES27 AAENES28 AAENES29 Description 5/16" -7/16" 1/2" -5/8" 11/16" -13/16" 7/8" -1-1/4" 1-1/4" -2-1/8" 1-1/4" -2-5/8" 2-3/4" -3-3/16" 3-1/4" -3-3/4" 3-3/4"-4-1/4" Spare Blade AAENESRK21 AAENESRK22 AAENESRK23 AAENESRK24 AAENESRK25 AAENESRK26 AAENESRK26 AAENESRK26 AAENESRK26 Nylon Pad AAENES21NY AAENES22NY AAENES23NY AAENES24NY AAENES27 AAENES28 N186 AAENES29

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