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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N178

Utility prodUcts Snap-on Specialty Tools ATSK3715 Manhole Cover Removal Tool. This Manhole Cover Removal Tool is used by Electrical Utilities to remove manhole covers weighting up to 600 lbs. ATSK3715 A327-48R 32MM Hex x 1/2" Torque Adaptor. This tool is used to open and close the switch on the four-way Distribution Switch commonly found in the Electrical Utilities Industry. A327-48R GBR1824 3/4" x 9/16" Ratcheting Wrench. This non-insulated, combination ratcheting wrench is used by Lineman in all applications of the Electrical Utilities Industry. GBR1824 ATSK3621 7/16" Hex to 1/2" Square Adaptor. This tool in used with Part Number B2192 Impact Pentagon Socket, in the removal and tightening of special bolts used by Electrical Utilities on Pad Mounted and Sub-Surface Underground Facilities. ATSK3621 See 178-180 for complete assortment of Snap-on non-conductive composite tools N178

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