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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N168

STARRETT Precision Tools STARRETT: S766AZ SNAP-ON: LST12206 STARRETT: S909Z SNAP-ON: LST65122 S766AZ Series Basic Electronic Tool Set Basic Electronic Tool Set • Basic starter set with Electronic Caliper & Micrometer • Furnished in attractive, protective case Electronic Outside Micrometer: Cat. No. 3732XFL-1 • O-1"/0-25 mm Electronic Slide Caliper: Cat. No. 799A-6/150 • 0-6"/0-150 mm Stock Number LST12206 Description Basic Electronic Tool Set w/out Output (inch/metric) S909Z Basic Precision Measuring Tool Set Features: • Inch Set • Furnished in attractive, protective case • Contains three of the most commonly used precision tools Stock No. Description Set includes: T436.2XRL-1 1" Outside Micrometer with Carbide Faces 120A-6 C604R-6 6" Dial Caliper 6" Spring Tempered Precision Rule LST65122 STARRETT: 3732XFL-1 SNAP-ON: LST12268 STARRETT: 210AP SNAP-ON: LST50731 Features: • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle • Micro-lapped carbide measuring faces • Instant inch/millimeter conversion • Measurement HOLD button • Ability to zero tool at any position Stock No. LST12268 LST12269 LST12270 LST12271 LST12272 LST12273 Range 0-1" / 0-25mm 1-2" / 25-50mm 2-3" / 50-75mm 3-4" / 75-100mm 4-5" / 100-125mm 5-6" / 125-150mm 3732 Series Electronic Micrometers This micrometer is ideal for quick comparisons of thread accuracy in screw cutting operations, measuring in small grooves or recesses where regular micrometers cannot be used, and for many other applications. Accuracy +/-.0001"/.002mm .0001"/.003mm .0001"/.003mm .00015"/.004mm .00015"/.004mm .00015"/.004mm Stock No. LST50731 Range 7 / 8 " 210AP Screw Thread Comparator Micrometer -Pointed Anvils Resolution .00005"/.001mm .00005"/.001mm .00005"/.001mm .00005"/.001mm .0001"/.001mm .0001"/.001mm Graduation .001" NOTE: Does not measure pitch diameter. 486 Series Blade Type Micrometers with non-rotating spindle 230 Series Outside Micrometers Designed for fast and accurate measurements of circular form tools, diameter and depth of narrow grooves, slots, keyways, recesses, and depths between lands and fins. Features: STARRETT: 486 • Non-rotating spindle SNAP-ON: LST52499 • .030" (0.8mm) thick blade • Blades will measure to 5/16" (8mm) depths Stock No. LST52499 LST52501 LST52503 LST52505 LST52507 LST52509 Range 0-1 " 1-2 " 2-3 " 3-4 " 4-5 " 5-6 " Graduation — — .001" — — — Description — — With Speeder — — — Features: • Lock nut • Carbide measuring faces • Range: 0-1" • Graduation: .0001" • Full satin chrome finished tapered frame • One-piece extra hard, stable spindle • Micro-lapped carbide anvil & spindle faces Stock No. LST50947 LST50944 Description With friction thimble With ratchet stop STARRETT: 230 SNAP-ON: LST50947 Contact your Snap-on Industrial Representative for more information, or call our Customer Service Center at (877) 740-1900 N168

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