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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N144

equipto ® Reel Racks • 7-shelf reel rack adustable on 1-1/2" centers • Organize and retrieve wire, cable, chain, hose, rope or tubing • Holds reels up to 16" in diameter • V-shaped shelves with center rod • Fiberboard on shelves to deaden noise and prevent excessive uncoiling Stock Number EQ880-7 Description Wire Spool Rack Dimensions (W x H x D) 36" x 84" x 8" Wire Spool Rack See more Equipto shop organization products on pages N091 to N095 Snap-on Industrial offers the full assortment of Equipto products. Contact your Snap-on Industrial Representative or call our Customer Service at (877) 740-1900 for more information. Reel Racks • Organize reels of cable and supplies, making them easy to retrieve • Racks hold up to 2000 lbs. per level, and up to 12000 lbs. per rack • High capacity free standing A-frame racks • 96"-120"-144" heights • 12,000 lb. capacity • 3" x 3" vertical posts with mounting holes • Adjustable cross beams on 2" centers with automatic safety locks Width Height 96" EQ1072R04 EQ1072R06 EQ1073R04 EQ1073R06 EQ1074R04 EQ1074R06 EQ1075R04 EQ1075R06 120" EQ1072R14 EQ1072R16 EQ1073R14 EQ1073R16 EQ1074R14 EQ1074R16 EQ1075R14 EQ1075R16 144" EQ1072R24 EQ1072R26 EQ1073R24 EQ1073R26 EQ1074R24 EQ1074R26 EQ1075R24 EQ1075R26 Number of Reel Holders Two Pair Two Pair Three Pair Three Pair Four Pair Four Pair Five Pair Five Pair 48" 72" 48" 72" 48" 72" 48" EQ1072R04 EQ1076E08 72" Racks can be ganged. Each unit is supplied with right-hand reel holders (as shown) that fasten to next unit or rack end. Unit Reel Rack Ends Stock Number EQ1076E08 EQ1076E10 EQ1076E12 Height 96" 120" 144" Rack End • Accommodate axles up to 2-3/8" O.D. • Capacity 2,000 lbs. • Stock Number EQ78218RH Extra Reel Holders • Sold in pairs ony • Reel rack shown assembled with one Rack Unit and one Rack End • Pipe is not included. Secure standard schedule 40 pipe (up to 2" nominal) from your local plumbing supply • Reel holders are adjustable on 2" increments to hold multiple reels • Use 47" pipe length for 48" wide rack • Use 71" pipe length for 72" wide rack N144

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