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Snap-on Industrial Catalog CAT1200i : Page-N132

enerpac hydraulics Machine Lifts & Load Skates Hydraulic Machine Lifts • For lifting heavy equipment with minimum available access • Remote operation of hydraulic pump enhances safety • Low-height lifting toe • Precision guided to reduce friction and isolate cylinder from side-loads • Two extendable support feet provide extra stability • Includes RC-Series cylinder with CR-400 coupler Stock Number ENESOH106 ENESOH236 Capacity (tons) 8.5 20 Toe Clearance with Cylinder Retracted (inches) Minimum .79 1.18 Central 3.74 4.33 6.69 7.48 Oil Stroke Capacity (inches) (in3) Maximum 5.39 6.18 13.7 32.0 Total Extended Height 17.00 18.58 Total Body Weight Height 11.61 12.4 59.2 99.2 Caterroller™ Load Skate Sets • Rugged and sturdy construction for long life • Low profile construction for increased stability • Low rolling-resistance allows for easy load movement • Attachable load leveling plates and swivel turntables for turning corners • Sets (see table) include all components necessary to handle a variety of applications • Two ENEELB1 link-up bars, two ENEERH1 handles (34.6" long), and a metal box are included • Optional long handle ENEERH2 (46") is also available Stock Number ENEERS20 ENEERS30 ENEERS60 Set Capacity (tons) 20 30 60 Load Skates (4) ENEER10 ENEER15 ENEER30 Turntable Swivels (2) ENEES10 ENEES15 ENEES30 Leveling Plates (2) ENEELP10 ENEELP15 ENEELP30 Weight Incl. handles and metal box (lbs) 110 123 167 ENEERS20 Caterroller™ Load Skate Set Components Stock Number ENEER1 ENEER10 ENEER15 ENEER30 ENEER60 ENEER80 ENEES1 ENEES10 ENEES15 ENEES30 ENEES60 ENEES80 ENEELP10 ENEELP15 ENEELP30 ENEELP60 ENEELP80 Leveling Plate Turntable Swivel Description Capacity (tons) 1 10 15 30 60 80 1 10 15 30 60 80 10 15 30 60 80 Load Skate To place the Load Skates, the load must first be lifted. This can be done easily and safely using Enerpac Lifting Wedge or Machine Lifts. See also pages N183 to N186 for our selection of Enerpac Heavy-Duty Bolting tools. For more information contact your Snap-on Industrial Representative or call Customer Service at (877) 740-1900 Components are available in sets or separately N132

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