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EDUCATIONAL FILMS It’s more than just a movie theater — it’s a totally immersive experience that puts your students in the middle of the action. Our 300-seat digital theater features a sophisticated 4K digital projection system and powerfully nuanced sound system, bringing amazing clarity and depth to 3-D and 2-D films alike. We will feature the following educational films: Monday-Friday School Show Schedule January 7–March 7 9:20am—Meerkats 3-D 10am—Sea Monsters 3-D 10:40am—Meerkats 3-D 11:20am—Sea Monsters 3-D Noon—Meerkats 3-D 12:40pm—Sea Monsters 3-D March 8-May 24 9:20am—Meerkats 3-D 10am—Wildest Weather in the Solar System 3-D 10:40am—Meerkats 3-D 11:20am—Wildest Weather in the Solar System 3-D Noon—Meerkats 3-D 12:40pm—Wildest Weather in the Solar System 3-D Meerkats 3-D January 7–May 24 Cute and cuddly? Yes, but on the harsh plains of southern Africa, meerkats must be tough and tenacious in order to survive. This stunningly realistic 3-D film by National Geographic follows the adventures and struggles of a meerkat matriarch and her brood as they cope with life in the Kalahari Desert. Together, they must endure turf wars from rival families, attacks from vicious preda-tors — and even some family turmoil of their own. And through it all, the survival of this clan hinges on the meerkat golden rule: Stick together, and keep calling. Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure 3-D January 7–March 7 Sea Monsters 3-D follows a family of Dolichorhynchops as they traverse ancient waters populated with saber-toothed fish, prehistoric sharks, giant squid and many other marine dwellers. But how do we know what these creatures looked like? What they ate? Where they swam? The location and characteristics of fossils provide important clues — like a shark’s tooth found in Kansas, or a jawbone consistent with those of modern-day predators. Using photorealistic animation, the makers of this captivating film have created a prehistoric underwater world for students to explore. See it now in 3-D! Wildest Weather in the Solar System 3-D March 8–August 29 In this spectacular National Geographic film, your students will witness the most powerful and mysterious weather phenomena in our solar system — from a relentless hurricane that’s raged on Jupiter for more than 400 years, to the electrical storms of Saturn’s “Storm Alley,” where lightning strikes are 100 times more powerful than those on Earth. With captivating computer-generated imagery to set the stage, students will travel alongside a fictitious planetary spacecraft whose journey begins at the sun and continues to the outer reaches of our solar system. Find an array of educator resources for our featured educational films at perotmuseum.org. PER O T MUSEUM OF NA TURE AND S CIENCE VISIT per o tmus eum. or g 9

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