Designer Spring 2012 : Page 35

IN THEORY ‡ WFD | SPRING 2012 one end with play and plumbing at the other. A messy zone of UHVLOLHQWÁRRULQJZLWKGUDLQVDQG a tidy zone of lush carpeting for storytelling and performances ZHUHWKHÀOOLQJLQ
OLNH À[WXUHV&#0f;UHPLQLVFHQWRIWKH gigantic candlesticks attached to the pews for church ceremonies, celebrate the volume and mean 
 ing of the space. To meet the tight schedule and budget constraints, the design team combined custom elements with affordable school furniture systems used for IXQFWLRQDOLW\&#0f;\HWFRQÀJXUHGLQ original and clever ways. The purchased cabinetry proved an elegant solution—its intelligent EXLOW
LQDFFRPPRGDWLRQQHDWO\ storing puzzles, games, toys, and paper with easy access. Two long, wheeled cabinets IROGXS&#0f;FUHDWLQJDPSOHÁRRU space for programs. Magnetic locks secure cabinets during QRQ
NH\HGDFFHVVPDNHVWKHP easy for educators to open. The millworker matched some of the colors of the stained wood FDELQHWVVRWKDWDVLPSOHVZDS
 out of doors added both charm and a playful sensibility. Although the design intent was to upgrade the school’s facility, the contemporary UHQRYDWLRQFUHDWHGHIÀFLHQF\&#0f; organization, and beauty for toddlers and adults alike. The attractive palette, warm woods, EXLOW
 tive wainscot create order out of former clutter; the signature trees and loft create delight and enjoyment for all. The project demonstrates that, through an educated design ap 
 proach, humble and ubiquitous spaces can be transformed into relevant, functional places for OHDUQLQJDQGSOD\&#0f;UHÁHFWLRQ&#0f; and spiritual development. Sharon Exley, MAAE, is an educative designer, teacher, and generator of good ideas; together with partner Peter Exley, they have amassed an award-winning portfolio of interactive environments for children. Their stu-dio, Architecture Is Fun, where Sharon serves as president, develops archi-tecture, interiors, play environments, and learning resources for clients interested in enlightened experiences as part of daily life. The duo will be honored with the Benjamin Moore HUE Award for exceptional uses of color in design this April 2012. WFD Experienced companies bringing clarity to your VISION. Credible builders customizing churches to fit your MISSION. A trustworthy team simplifying this task into REALITY. BUILDING SOLUTIONS.


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