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sweet, but she’s evil. She’s delicate, but she’s powerful. It was kind of an actor’s dream. It was almost obscenely fun to go to work. The fluidity and creativity was just awesome.” Originally, Whedon planned on killing the two off after several episodes, but their popularity prevented that. “Juliet is a true artist. She is fearless. When she knows what she wants, she’ll go there, she’ll get it. Basically, I got cast because she liked me. I was only there because we clicked,” recalled Marsters. “We both come from the stage. People who come from the stage have a certain way about thinking of things. Frankly, we think about things. We were supposed to be drug-addled, punk rocker vampires. That was the idea.” Not one to rest on her laurels, Landau branched into directing with 2010’s “Take Flight,” a documentary about Oscar nominee Gary Oldman’s creative process, and the “Hero” music video for Godhead. While “Buffy” and “Angel” are no longer on TV, they live on in comic book form; Landau co-wrote a story arc in the “Angel” comic starring Drusilla. “I would love to write more Drusilla comics. I enjoyed playing her because she was such a rich and multi-dimensional character. Dru is a wondrous and fascinating creature. There are endless possibilities of storylines that could be told,” said Landau. Upcoming projects include the film “Dark Hearts.” She He continued: “Often times, people would come up to Juliet and me and say, ‘You can’t do that. Cut it out.’ We’d respond, ‘If you don’t like it, don’t use it but we’re gonna film this.’ If you look – especially in the early stuff before they caught us – we were always doing something nasty – or pretending to be doing something nasty – just below frame. Look at those scenes. Look at our arms, and just ask yourselves, ‘What are they doing?’ I loved Juliet since the first day I saw her. We’re good friends.” also can be heard in the recently released straight-to-DVD animated film “Justice League: Doom.” Asked if a return to series television is possible, Landau replied: “I would absolutely return to series television. With an interesting role on television, it is similar to working in the theater, in that you get to continue to live with and develop a character over a long period of time.” Visit 9$56,7<&#03; +BDLFUT &#07; 3ODQQLQJ&#03;DQ&#03;HYHQW"&#03;/HW&#03;XV&#03;KHOS&#04; (PEURLGHU\&#03; • &#03; 6FUHHQ&#03;3ULQWLQJ&#03; 9DUVLW\&#03;-DFNHWV&#03; • &#03; 3URPRWLRQDO&#03;,WHPV 3HUVRQDOL]HG&#03;*LIWV 'LUHFW&#03;WR&#03;*DUPHQW&#03;3ULQWLQJ &#15;&#1a;&#1b;&#18;&#1a;&#03;2UFKDUG&#03;/DNH&#03;5RDG&#03;‡&#03;)DUPLQJWRQ&#03;+LOOV &#0b;&RUQHU&#03;RI&#03;2UFKDUG&#03;/DNH&#03;DQG&#03;&#14;&#15;&#03;0LOH&#03;5RDG&#0c; &#14;&#13; &#03; 2)) Ment i on th i s ad for d i scount . 248.994.0105 • 58 | MY Magaz i ne www . mymetroyou . com

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