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Diadora Unveils Net System Into New Shoes

Golden Viking Sports, the exclusive U. S. licensee of Diadora soccer footwear, apparel and accessories, recently introduced the NET Breathing System, a proprietary soccer boot outsole technology that allows feet to breathe. The technology is now available in two Diadora shoes.

The NET Breathing System features a breathable, waterproof membrane that is specifically structured to expel excess heat through the sole of the shoe while keeping moisture, mud and debris out. The complete system includes a full length anatomic perforated insole that sits above an impermeable waterproof breathable membrane. These in turn sit atop a synthetic fiber protection net that is Attached to a special GX 14 perforated outsole. The result, says the company, is a performance soccer boot that truly allows feet to breathe, thereby contributing to improved levels of performance, endurance, precision and, of course, comfort.

The two Diadora soccer boots that incorporate the Net Breathing System are the DD-Eleven GX 14 and the Solano GX 14, both of which deliver high-level performance. The DD-Eleven GX 14 (MSRP $200) provides an ultra-soft kangaroo leather upper and a multi-density polyurethane outsole with 14 fixed studs. The Solano GX 14 (MSRP $110) boasts an unpadded TechPro Microfiber upper for exceptional lightness and sensitivity, as well as a multi-density polyurethane outsole with 14 fixed studs.