HospiMedica International — June 08
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Emergency Sled Helps Evacuate Bed-Ridden Patients

Adevice that resembles a patient restraint system allows one person to move another by transforming the hospital bed into a hospital sled. The Evacusled emergency evacuation device is designed to reduce risk of injury to patients and staff during horizontal and vertical emergency evacuation. By incorporating the Evacusled into emergency management planning, handling surge capacity, mass evacuation, and patient transport is facilitated. The Evacusled cocoons the patient and mattress together; the patient, mattress, and Evacusled are then rolled off the bed deck. Numerous small wheels on the underside of the Evacusled allow the rescuer to roll the Evacusled down hallways and stairwells to safety as per the facility's evacuation plan. The Evacusled is compatible with standard beds, and many specialty beds including Zone Air and Stryker beds. A teaching Evacusled model is available for staff training and mock drills.

The Evacusled is fast and efficient, and is easy for nurses to use as it involves no lifting of the patient, only pulling. One person can evacuate one patient, and the patient feels no discomfort.

The Evacusled has five spinal boards built in for extra protection for patient's head and spine. The Evacusled can be guided down stairwells and the operator controls the speed with a braking system built into the lower section of the device. The Evacusled can be installed directly onto the bed deck, under the mattress on designated beds. Another option is storing the device in bulk, rolled up and stored in bags near predetermined evacuation stairwell.

The device is a product of Evacusled (Bethlehem, PA, USA; www.evacusled.com).