MY — February 2010
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The Linda Lanci’s Story
Mary Sitto

And the rest of the delightful crew on Jim Harper & The Magic Morning Show. Linda recently decided to leave her morning position at WMGC to spend more time with her family and is now doing similar work outside of radio. Linda appreciates and loved her extensive career in radio broadcasting. “I feel very blessed to have done morning radio for 23 years.” Linda’s first radio job after graduating from Central Michigan University was at WWMN in Flint. It was the first radio station in the country programmed for and by women. “We sent out pink birth announcements to announce the birth of this new radio station.” Linda said. She started as the afternoon drive radio personality and production director, soon becoming WWMN station manager.

Linda was featured with the innovative radio station in Glamour and Newsweek Magazines. “My stay in Flint was incredibly memorable.” Linda said. “I will never forget those early lessons learned.” From WWMN, Linda became Music Director of a sister radio station with a rock format, where she interviewed many of tThe title Program Director and Operations Manager for a radio station in Lansing. Her broad experience at an early age helped her to land the job as Assistant Program Director and Production Director at WNIC in Detroit.

It was Linda’s desire to be on Detroit radio and WNIC was located in her hometown of Dearborn.Dearborn. “What a dream come true.” She said. Within a year Linda worked in morning radio full time and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Detroit is such a great place.” Linda said, Detroit area] is very diversified and every town has something different to offer.” Linda mentors young adults, supports dozens of local charities and promotes local businesses in many of these Detroit area towns.

“I’ve always encouraged people to pursue their dreams.” Linda mentors interns at Specs “I’ve always encouraged people to pursue their dreams.” Linda mentors interns at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and engages in interviews with college students. “I’ve always felt that Detroit had some of the best radio and television personalities, I still believe that.” She said.

LiMichigan Humane Society and the American Heart Association.

She strives to give back to the community. She also promotes products and services from local businesses, however, she won’t recommend a product or service that she has not tried or does not believe in. Her intent is to share her favorites while helping local businesses thrive. “I’m trying to help the local business owner.” Linda said. “I can’t always guarantee it because there might be something that I can just get at Target that I love and I’m going to share that too because that’s what keeps it real.” She adds, “It’s a continuation in a way, of what I’ve always done on the radio.” As spokesperson for House of Bedrooms and House of Bedrooms Kids, Linda will be involved in monthly events that include seSeveral different charities as well as appearing in House of Bedrooms TV spots and voicing their commercials. “Here’s a business that I shopped at, believed in, was impressed with and then years down the road they wanted me to be their spokesperson. I take a lot of pride in that.”She has touched numerous women over the years. “As a working woman, wife and mother, I know first hand how difficult it is when it comes to balancing my work life and home life.” Linda said.
Erous women over the years. “As a working woman, wife and mother, I knErous Linda will continue to share her experiences, support her community and promote local businesses; to do what she was doing on the radio, yet in different mediums. While she may no longer commute with us on our morning drive, Linda will remain an essential part of our community and an inspiration to women everywhere.