Recreational Ice Skating — 2015 Summer
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Take Me to the Pizza!

I’m getting ready for my trip to ISI Worlds in Chicago! As I started to munch on a slice of pepperoni pizza the other day, my mind drifted to thoughts of the delicious pizza I’ll get to sample in the Windy City. When I lived on the shores of the continent of Antarctica, pizza was a little hard to find … and it sure tastes better than krill! So now you know why I’m a little crazy about pizza!

On the back cover of this issue, you’ll see me — naturally holding a slice of pizza —ready for you to cut me out and pose with me for a “Flat Flip” photo. Take me with you everywhere you go this summer and be sure to snap a photo of me in front of a pizza restaurant! That way, I’ll know just where to go to feed my pizza craving while traveling. Feel free to pose me elsewhere too — I love the beach, almost as much as skating!

Send your photos to Don’t forget to send your name and where you took the photo. Watch for them in the next issue, and on our Instagram (@skateisi) and Facebook pages. On Instagram, tag us #ilovetoskateisi. Can’t wait to see your photos!

Kalina Lakova of Las Vegas in Cancun, Mexico.

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