Vegas Beat — July/Aug 2011
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Executive Director’s Message
Chris Collins


It does not seem like it, but it has been five years now that I have had the honor of serving as the Executive Director of the LVPPA. So with this article I am announcing that I will be running for a second term so that I may continue to serve in the position of Executive Director of the LVPPA. If re-elected, it will again be my honor and privilege to represent the hardworking law enforcement professionals who make up the LVPPA membership.

I would like to tell you just a bit about how I came to this decision. I have to start in the fall of 2006 when our former Executive Director, Dave Kallas, came to me and told me he was not going to seek re-election and that he thought I should run for the position. I was flattered, but I was not sure I was ready for the job. I sought the input of those officers who then were on the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. They all agreed that I was the person who should be the next Executive Director of our Association. I agreed to run and committed to do the best job I could, so long as they all agreed to stay and help me as ongoing members of the Board and Executive Board.

Over the course of the past five years, that team has, for the most part, stayed together and fought for your rights and benefits. As my first term comes to a close, my decision as to whether or not to run again has been very different. To be honest, I am not quite ready to retire; there is still a lot of work to be done And I know I have fire in my heart. The team is in place to take on the battles that are left and the new ones that will most certainly come along.

However, before I committed to another term, I again wanted to be sure that the current Executive Board and Board of Directors still have confidence in my abilities. It is with great humility that I can say I have the unanimous support of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors in my re-election bid. I would like to thank each of them by name: Guy Hui, Gary Sumption, Noel Roberts, Luis Payan, Kirk Hooten, Vito Pasqualicchio, Kyle Lopez, David Compson, Myron Hamm, John Laurita, Scott Nicholas, Luciano Zaccarelli, James Burt, Mike Ramirez, Samuel Smith, Rory Neslund, Chris Crawford, Alisha Martino, Tyler Todd, Ray Berni, Fred Castle, Henry Hoffman, Mike Malone, Hector Navarro, Steve Mauri, Carl Lutjens, Joe Lopore, Robert Johnson, Charles Burgess, Darryl Clodt, Paul Bigham, Ken Lochner, Michelle Jotz, Tom Reid and Mark Chaparian. Without these individuals’ support, I would not have sought re-election.

This election is not about Chris Collins. This election is about keeping the team together that for the past five years has fought and won many battles on your behalf. Now more than ever we need to stand together and fight the good fight.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me.